Bird’s Luv Em

Birds Luv'em Wild Bird Seed
Birds Luv’em Wild Bird Seed

Songbird Sensation Wild Bird Feed – This special mixture attracts and satisfies most species of beautiful song birds. Sunflower seed makes up 40%. Along with sunflower seed, they like the combination of peanut pieces, safflower seed, cracked com, red and white millet, wheat and milo. 40# Bag

Classic Blend Wild Bird Seed – This mix attracts the most beautiful song birds. A 50% blend of sunflower seed, other key ingredients are safflower seeds, red and white millet, and peanut pieces. While slightly more expensive, it contains the food song birds prefer.40# Bag

Premium Blend Wild Bird Seed – This blend of seed attracts most species of songbirds with 30% oil “black” sunflower seed, millet, milo, and asmall amount of cereal grains. This mix has no cracked corn. 50# Bag, 25# Bag

Deluxe Blend Wild Bird Feed – Containing 25% oil “black” sunflower seed, millet, milo, cracked com, grit and cereal grains, this is an economical feed mixture having more sunflower seed than any other blend similarly priced.
50# Bag, 25# Bag

Economy Blend Wild Bird Feed – Containing ablend of 12% oil sunflower seed, millet, milo, cracked corn, and cereal grains, this is more economicalwith the same high quality as other BIRDS LUV’EM brands.
50# Bag, 25# Bag, 10# Bag – 5 per Bale

Oil Sunflower Seeds – Black oil sunflower seed contains the nutritional source songbirds need. All Birds Luv’em wild bird feed mixes contain between 12 % to 50% black oil sunflowers.
50# Bag, 25# Bag, 10# Bag – 5 per Bale

Farm Fresh Harvest Mix – This appetizing mix of dried fruits and sunflower seeds will attract the most eye-catching of songbirds. Cranberries, bananas, raisins, and peanut pieces combine with sunflower and safflower seeds to entice the most colorful of songbirds to your feeder.
30# Bag

Wildlife Food – This mix of sunflower seed, cracked and whole corn, peanuts, and oat groats will appeal to a variety of wild animals and will always keep them coming back for more.

Scratch Grain – These mixes of cracked corn, wheat, milo, and oats provides an essential part of a balanced diet for any poultry bird and is made with the same high quality grains as other Birds Luv’em mixes. Available in both fancy and thrifty scratch mixes.
50# Bag

Scratch Grain Chicken Layer Feeds – This blend of corn and other layer feed components provides the essential nutrition that your poultry animal needs. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this layer feed is available in both mash and crumble varieties.
50# Bag – Crumbles or Mash