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Hiland Naturals



Non-GMO Chicken Feed

  • Non-GMO Chick Starter – 21%
  • Non-GMO Chick Grower – 19%
  • Non-GMO Chicken Layer- 17%
  • Non-GMO Textured Layer


Non-Soy Chicken Feed

  • Non-Soy Chick Starter – 21%
  • Non-Soy Chick Starter – 19%
  • Non-Soy Chick Starter – 17%

Non-GMO Turkey Feed

  • Non-GMO Turkey Starter – 26%
  • Non-GMO Turkey Grower – 24%

Non-GMO Swine feed

  • Non-GMO Swine Starter – 18%
  • Non-GMO Swine Grower – 16%

 Other Non-GMO Feed:

  • Non-GMO Goat Feed – 16%
  • Non-GMO Beef Feed – 12%
  • Non-GMO Horse Feed – 8%
  • Hiland Naturals Rabbit
  • Hiland Naturals Shelled Corn
  • Hiland Naturals Cracked Corn
  • Hiland Naturals Dairy 12%
  • Hiland Naturals Horse 8%



Tribute Horse Feed

tribute-horse feed packages

  • Kalm ‘N EZ®
  • Kalm ‘N EZ GC Plus®
  • Essential K®
  • Essential K® GC Plus
  • Kalm Ultra®
  • Maturity®
  • Maturity GC Plus®
  • Growth Pelleted®
  • Right Choice 14% Low Starch Pellet®
  • K Finish®
  • Tribute Alfalfa Growth Textured
  • Tribute Alfa Essential

Umbarger Feed

Umbarger Show Feeds
Umbarger Show Feeds

Umbarger Show Feeds has been specially formulated by Showmen for Showmen.  We understand the importance of nutrition and winning results.  Our expertise in Steam Flaked grains and our dedication to the show ring sets us apart from the competition.  Umbarger Show feeds focuses on providing the highest quality products along with the service you desire.  Please take a look at some of the thousands of winners that have already joined us on “The Road to the Winners Circle”.  We have an extensive dealer network covering thirteen states; find your nearest dealer with our dealer locator.  No matter what species of livestock you are exhibiting, Umbarger Show Feeds should be your only choice for winning results.

  • Umbarger 12% Textured Horse
  • Brown Bag
  • 19% Lamb Feed
  •  Cattle Blaster
  • Dairy Beefem Up
  • Barley Base Beef
  • Vita Ferm Sure Champ Pellets
  • Vita GRow
  • Vita Ferm Cattlemans Blend

Kalmbach Feeds


50 lb. bags in stock:

  • Kalmbach Poultry Feed
  • Kalmbach Swine Feed
  • Kalmbach Dairy Feed
  • Kalmbach Turkey Feed
  • Kalmbach Beef Feed
  • Kalmbach Lamb/Goat Feed
  • Kalmbach Game Bird Feed
  • Kalmbach Rabbit Feed
  • Kalmbach Deer Feed
  • Kalmbach Pet Feed



Animal Feed

Hilnad Naturals non-GMO feed
Hilnad Naturals non-GMO feed
Feed your animals a healthy diet. Hiland Naturals sells non-gmo feeds, non-soy feeds, and organic feeds
kalmbach-logo1Kalmbach Feeds manufactures and sells top quality custom nutritional products for all livestock and poultry species.
Umbarger-Show-Feeds-logoUmbarger Show Feeds has been specially formulated by Showmen for Showmen. We understand the importance of nutrition and winning results.
Tribute Equine Nutrition
Tribute Equine Nutrition
Tribute® Equine Nutrition was designed and approved by Ph.D. Equine nutritionists with decades of experience and knowledge developing state-of-the-art, innovative equine diets.
Whitfield's Golden Flo
Whitfield's Golden Flo
Your animals will stand out from the competition when you include Golden Flo Liquid Energy in your feeding program. Golden Flo, a soybean oil based product with a unique flavoring, is the leading liquid energy supplement on the market for all livestock, show and sale animals.